Subscribe to Cardigan Walks audio walking tours

£ 20
00 Monthly
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription (no commitment)
  • Easily manage your subscription (including receipts)
  • Value added experience for you and your guests
  • Easy to use and easy to access website/ audio walking tours
  • Family friendly audio tours
  • Access to 18 audio walking tours
  • An average tour visits 7 points of interest
  • The average tour has 50 minutes of audio
  • Includes a map highlighting were points of interest are and a suggested route if users don't want to self-navigate

Cardigan Walks’ business subscriptions provide access to all of our audio walking tours, meaning when you take a subscription, you are providing your guests with a fun, family-friendly activity to spend a morning or afternoon together discovering West Wales’ exciting heritage.

Our subscriptions are a value-added feature for you to include as part of your guest experience. You ensure they are comfortable and happy when staying with you, and we bring some family-friendly fun, helping guests explore and make memories together.

When you take a subscription package, guests can access 18 audio walking tours that dive deep into communities and their heritage from Southern Pembrokeshire to Northern Ceredigion. Each audio walking tour shares the stories of an average of 7 points of interest in communities and general stories of a community’s history and interesting events over an average of 50 minutes of audio. Tours also come with a map so visitors can self-navigate from point to point.

Make your guest’s stay even more memorable when they come to visit with a subscription to our audio walking tour experiences.

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