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Give your guests something more when they visit West Wales.
£ 29
  • A relaxing family-friendly activity helping visitors discover communities throughout West Wales.
  • A cost-effective value add for businesses helping visitors feel more welcome.
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription

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Request Cardigan Walks pamphlets

If you are a business and would like to stock our pamphlets to let your visitors know about us (whether you have a subscription or not), please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to send pamphlets to you.

Our subscriptions are for tourism-based businesses and organisations who benefit from promoting West Wales’ history and culture.

When your business subscribes to Cardigan Walks, your visitors can freely enjoy any audio walking tour they want.

Our subscriptions are another value-add your business can offer to a visitor’s stay that they remember.

Who would want a subscription to Cardigan Walks?

Our subscription bundles are designed for:

  • Accommodation providers (hotels, Airbnb, campsites, accommodation agents)
  • Festival organisers
  • Town councils/ community websites

Our audio walking tours are a terrific bolt-on product. Your guests can go on a tour whenever they want.

How do audio walking tour subscriptions work?

  1. You take a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription with Cardigan Walks.
  2. Your visitors access the audio walking tours using a username and password you set.
  3. Your visitors come to the Cardigan Walks website to choose a tour.

Our family-friendly tours are a great way to spend a few hours together discovering the stories and hidden histories of Cardigan Bay and West Wales.

You can self-manage your subscription (change your details, update payment information, and access receipts for end-of-year tax).

On subscription confirmation, we will provide you with some text (what the tours are and how to use them) that you can copy and paste into your welcome email to your visitors, making it all very easy.

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