Tenby town audio tour


10 points of interest
60+ mins of audio + map

Tenby has long been the seaside escape for many. Balancing some of the nicest beaches in Wales with great food, pubs, and very photogenic landscapes, you’d be forgiven for thinking Tenby was built just for beautiful long summer days and holidays. Well, most of today’s Tenby was!

​But Tenby has had troubles – from invaders destroying the newly built fortifications designed to keep them out and then ransacking the town, to plague outbreaks, to being a literal pigsty after most of the town was virtually abandoned.​

Through it all, Tenby has some tales we would love to share. And share, we will! Our audio tour of Tenby has nine stops with over an hour of entertaining stories and legends.

With our audio tour, you’re in command. We’ll give you the map, highlighting where the stories to experience are. It’s up to you to start when and where, what route you’d like to take, and how many breaks you want to take. Today, you are the tour guide- so enjoy Tenby and enjoy our stories of this fun town!

We hope you enjoy your time and learn something. If you have any questions about what you hear or anything you see in town, please email in. We’d be happy to share more information. We’ve done bags of research to bring this tour to you. We can share our sources with you, or we’ll do what we can to answer your questions. Check out our F.A.Q.s if you have any questions before getting started.

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