St Davids audio walking tour

St Davids

7 points of interest
65+ mins of audio + map

St Davids was home to several saints before its famous namesake was born here.

Not even the cult of David as it was called, nor the legends of David’s deeds would keep his beloved cathedral safe from marauding Vikings who ransacked and destroyed the building.

Rebuilt by the Normans, the current cathedral has welcomed royalty and has been recognised for its importance by the Pope in Rome.

Despite David’s legacy, the cathedral and this city’s importance, successive Bishops worked actively to undermine all!

Although St Davids began mainly as a retreat for David (pre-sainthood) and his band of miserable followers – hey, he only allowed them bread and water – it developed steadily over time to also be a community of people not directly involved with the cathedral or religious activities.

Long a haven for walkers – albeit with a much different intention today than in years past, St Davids city and its surrounding areas are stunning visually.

Discover this fascinating city by learning more about the people, places, and stories that have come before. Our audio tour of St Davids includes 7 stops and features over 65 minutes of audio.

You can access the audio and map for 24 hours when you rent a tour. There’s no need to download anything to listen to the audio – stream it from your phone! You also don’t need to switch between apps, as all the necessary information is in one spot. If you have a larger group, everyone can log in with your login details to listen to the audio on their phones – like a silent disco!

You can take the route you want when exploring the town as your tour guide. Take your time, too, and stop where and when suits you! There is over an hour’s worth of audio to enjoy and learn from! Check out our F.A.Q.s if you have any questions before getting started.

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