Saundersfoot audio walking tour


Visit 7 landmarks
40+ mins of audio + map

Saundersfoot native, William Frost, may have been the very first human to fly after building his Frost Airship Glider!

Saundersfoot hosted training exercises for the now famous D-Day landings in WWII!

It’s stories like these that sets apart this already fabulous village. Set aside a morning or afternoon and explore Saundersfoot’s forgotten but fascinating history. Our audio walking tour brings you to seven landmarks with over 40 minutes of audio. Over the tour, you’ll cover about three miles – remember water, snacks, and sun cream!

You can access the audio and map for 24 hours when you rent a tour. There’s no need to download anything to listen to the audio – stream it from your phone! You also don’t need to switch between apps, as all the necessary information is in one spot. If you have a larger group, everyone can log in with your login details to listen to the audio on their phones – like a silent disco!

You’re free to take the route you want when exploring the town as your tour guide. Take your time, too, and stop where and when suits you! There is over an hour’s worth of audio to enjoy and learn from! Check out our F.A.Q.s if you have any questions before getting started.

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