Milford Haven audio walking tour

Milford Haven

10 points of interest
45+ mins of audio + map

Before it even was Milford Haven, Milford Haven was one of the locations in which Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline was set: “Tell me how Wales was made so happy as to inherit such a haven.”

This haven and estuary have long been used as a strategic position for maritime activity. But, Milford Haven town was formed in the late 1700s/ early 1800s after Britain decided to get into the whaling industry and stop relying on America for whale oil to light its cities and towns. So they invited some Americans to show them how to whale!

Several Quaker families based along America’s maritime east coast returned to the old world, settling in Milford Haven.

From there, Milford Haven found its way in the world and made history. 

Our audio walking tour will help you explore Milford Haven – learn about its areas and landmarks as you ramble around town. But, don’t worry, there’s also a map to help with navigation. Our audio tour of Milford Haven has more than 45-minutes of audio and history to listen to and enjoy.

You can access the audio and map for 24 hours when you rent a tour. There’s no need to download anything to listen to the audio – stream it from your phone! You also don’t need to switch between apps, as all the necessary information is in one spot. If you have a larger group, everyone can log in with your login details to listen to the audio on their phones – like a silent disco!

You’re free to take the route you want when exploring the town as your tour guide. Take your time, too, and stop where and when suits you! There is over an hour’s worth of audio to enjoy and learn from! Check out our F.A.Q.s if you have any questions before getting started.

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