Newcastle Emlyn town audio tour

Newcastle Emlyn

7 points of interest
45+ mins of audio + map

Newcastle Emlyn, in the heartland of Ceredigion, has been unkindly forgotten – its history, at least.

Newcastle Emlyn, Emlyn to locals, is where quite a few significant events have happened!

Legend has it a Wyvern, a type of dragon – landed on the castle wall to close its eyes for a wee nap before moving on.

Emlyn played a significant part in the Welsh literature revival- carrying nationalistic over and undertones in the 18th century.

It is also in Newcastle Emlyn that the last recorded duel in Wales was fought. The story is an excellent lesson in what not to say and about growing eyes in the back of your head to catch your cheating opponent in a duel – oops, we’ve said too much!

Before we spoil any more of Newcastle Emlyn’s history, go on the tour yourself. There are 7 locations to learn about and over 45 minutes of audio to give you all you need to know!

We hope you enjoy your time and learn something. If you have any questions about what you hear or anything you see in town, please email in. We’d be happy to share more information. We’ve done bags of research to bring this tour to you. We can share our sources with you, or we’ll do what we can to answer your questions. Check out our F.A.Q.s if you have any questions before getting started.

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