Aberaeron audio walking tour


9 points of interest
40+ mins of audio + map

Aberaeron is hailed as a model planned town. Built in the not-too-distant past of the 1830s, the town was the masterplan of one man – the Lord of the Manor, the Rev. Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne. We wonder how he felt about the smugglers who used to hang out in his beautiful model town?!

Long regarded as a beautiful town – Aberaeron and buildings have featured on stamps celebrating rural beauty. In its heyday, there were 30+ pubs to choose from. Its reputation for hospitality and good food still remain!

There’s over 40 minutes of audio to listen and learn from.

You can access the audio and map for 24 hours when you rent a tour. There’s no need to download anything to listen to the audio – stream it from your phone! You also don’t need to switch between apps, as all the necessary information is in one spot. If you have a larger group, everyone can log in with your login details to listen to the audio on their phones – like a silent disco!

We hope you enjoy your time and learn something. If you have any questions about what you hear or anything you see in town, please email in. We’d be happy to share more information. We’ve done bags of research to bring this tour to you. We can share our sources with you, or we’ll do what we can to answer your questions. Check out our F.A.Q.s if you have any questions before getting started.

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