Llangrannog walking tour


£3.99/ 24 hour rental

6 points of interest

Includes 35+ mins of audio & map

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Llangrannog has been the home of giants – both literal and metaphorical.

During the 1800s, Sarah Jane Rees was born here. Across her long and storied life, she was a  teacher, poet, editor, master mariner and temperance campaigner. Rees is recognised for her brilliant contributions to Wales as a member of WEN Wales’ 100 Welsh Women list.

Llangrannog was also home to Bica, a probably misunderstood giant. The moral of Bica’s tale is don’t eat rocks when hungry. Or there’s another meaning. You tell us!

Discover Llangrannog’s heritage through our audio walking tour, visiting 6 points of interest with over 35 minutes of engaging narration. Rent the tour for 24 hours and access the audio and map. The map not only guides you to the landmarks but also provides suggested routes for a hassle-free exploration. If you feel adventurous, make up your route between landmarks! The map also contains images of what some of the landmarks look like. A castle is pretty easy to identify. But a house in a row of terraces, for instance, is more challenging to identify the right one!

No need to download apps or files. Access the tour directly from your phone on Cardigan Walks’ website.

You are the tour guide today. Start whenever you like, take breaks as you please, and choose your path. You’re in control of your adventure today discovering Llangrannog. For more details, see our FAQs. Start your audio walking tour of Llangrannog now!

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